Zion National Park and Southern Utah Photo collection on a CD


Get this CD-ROM for free, if you stay at Amber Inn three or more nights in a row! (Please mention this offer during your stay to receive your FREE disc). If you forget to ask about it during your stay, please call us and we will mail it to you, but we will have to charge the cost of the CD-ROM and its shipping to your credit card.

Liven up your computer desktop with beautiful images of Zion National Park!

Order this plug-and-play CD-ROM with high quality original digital images of the views of Zion National Park and places around it, and enjoy them as a slideshow on your computer desktop.

Only $15.95 plus shipping, delivered to your mailbox. Makes a great gift, too!

How to order

Send a check or a money order for $15.95 plus shipping: $3.00 within the USA, $5.00 elsewhere, to us at the address below:

Amber Inn Bed & Breakfast
P.O.Box 630272
Rockville, UT 84763-0272

Please note that the check or money order must be in US dollars, we cannot accept payments in other currencies. Also please enclose with your payment a note with your name and address, where you want us to mail the CD-ROM. Finally, please include your email address or phone number, to make us able to contact you if we have questions about your order.

Finally, you can purchase the CD-ROM while staying at Amber Inn Bed and Breakfast at Zion National Park. (If you stay 3 nights in a row, you get it for free!) You will save on the shipping, too.

What’s on the CD-ROM

The CD-ROM contains several dozen of the digital images, as well as slideshow launcher software. There is no software to install on the computer, the slideshow starts off the CD itself. The slide show software on the disc is compatible with Windows 8/7/Vista/XP, however you should be able to watch the images on a Mac and other computers as well, using the built-in image viewer of your computer.

How to install

There is nothing to install: just insert the CD-ROM into the CD drive of your computer, and the slide show viewer should run for you automatically. IF for some reason the slide show does not start automatically, use your computer’s built-in image viewer to browse the images on the CD and view them.