Grand Canyon – North Rim

The North Rim of Grand Canyon is within easy reach from Amber Inn Bed and Breakfast. You can take road 9 east from Rockville, Utah (where Amber Inn is located), drive through Zion National Park, and then through Kanab, Fredonia, and Jacob Lake to the North Rim. The whole trip is about 125 miles and will take about 3-3.5 hours, depending on the traffic through the tunnel in Zion Park, as well as on how often you are going to stop along the way to take pictures.

If you don’t mind driving about 9 miles on an unpaved road, you can save about an hour of the total driving time by taking the road over the bridge in the center of Rockville (the one that takes you to the ghost town Grafton) and then about 2 miles later, when you reach the “No Outlet” sign, taking the left turn (the right turn would take you to Grafton). The road is unpaved, but quite passable when dry (which is almost always here) and it offers several spectacular views like the one shown here:

A vew on the way to Grand Canyon

Soon you will reach road 59 (paved!), which will take you to Fredonia, and then to Jacob Lake and eventually to the North Rim, too. The total driving time to the North Rim this way would be around 2.5 hours. Besides saving you some time, the advantage of this trip is also that you can stop at the Pipe Spring National Monument, a visit we would highly recommend.

We’ve been to both the South and North rims of Grand Canyon, and we like the North Rim much better: the views from the North Rim are just as spectacular as from the South one, but the North rim is much less crowded! Another thing that we like about North Rim is that when the sun goes down, it keeps lighting the opposite side of Grand Canyon, giving much better opportunities for taking great pictures at sunset. Below are some pictures we’ve taken from the North Rim, but remember – no picture can replace the real one – you should go and see the views by yourself!

Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon

If you are planning a trip that includes both Grand Canyon and Zion National Park, consider staying at Amber Inn Bed and Breakfast.